Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Inland by Kat Rosenfield Review

"In the movies, drowning is the most undignified of deaths.
But that's not how it happens at all."
My Synopsis: Callie watches her mother drown when she is just a little girl. Her father in a desire to leave the pain and hurt and memories behind moves her inland. As time passes, Callie begins to have very serious, unexplained breathing problems. Then one day, her dad is offered a job on the coast in Florida that he can not pass up. Once they arrive, Callie begins getting miraciously better. She finals begins to feel normal until she begins to "hear the call of the sea." Whether this is a literal, paranormal, psychological, or psychotic call, you have to read to find out. 
     This book was a mystery. Literally, everything that happened was just a clue to the conclusion, even the epilogue. It was very well written, and if you wish to spend the time to dissect the book, there are many messages hiding in the story that can be relatable once taken out of the book. However, I was not a fan of this book. I want to start by saying that I in no way want to discourage anyone from reading this book. It is not simply a bad book. It was just not for me.
    I REALLY wanted to like this book, but the beginning was a chore for me to read. I felt like someone was telling me ABOUT the story instead of actually me reading the story. It was a style thing, not a writing talent thing. The writing was actually really good. I just got tired of reading the passages that sounded pretty and creepy but gave nothing to the story or character. Then the book got better. I started to get really interested in the idea and in the mystery. I should make the point that the concept and idea of the book were really good. Then the end just frustrated me. Honestly, I went on goodreads to see if there was supposed to be a sequel. (None announced yet.) Also, while the story was interesting, it wasn't as shocking as I think the author was going for. That is unless I missed something and the ending was actually supposed to mean something else. See what I mean? Frustrating! My last note of goodreads after reading this was "Wait. What? What happened?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND." And that is all I can think when I think about this book. I mean nothing happened in this book that wasn't a clue, and yet in the end, I'm still not completely sure what happened. Not some cliff hanger either where I am suppose to make my own ending. I really just don't know what the ending means.
     I'm no more sure as to what the story is really about than when I started the book... Then again, maybe that is the point. Huh. Profound moment. Really this may be a very good book for you. It just wasn't for me. The style was the biggest problem for me. It just didn't pull me in. It could really make you think if you want to take the time to do so, but I wanted a story with some thought behind it. Not a game of Clue followed by a "And how did that make you feel?" or "What do you think that means?" session. It was kind of reminded me of poetry in a way which I like poetry, but only occasionally and preferably shorter, not 388 pages, poems. 
     In conclusion, if you want a well written book that almost cradles you with feelings, though sometimes with no context, and can give you some full in a "What does that mean?" book discussion, then I'd give this book a shot. If you what a book with action and solid conclusions, then I would not pick up this book.
All this said. If there was a sequel, I'd read it. What that says about the book, I don't know.
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