Sunday, April 20, 2014

Searching for Sky by Jillian Cantor Review

“I think about the island, and I wonder if it’s possible, if you can ever really go back to a place you’ve left behind.” – Searching for Sky

My Synopsis: This book is basically part II of all the Blue Lagoon movies, but with a slight twist. Sky has lived on Island for as long as she can remember. It was just her, her mother, River, and Helmet, but it has just been her and River for the last year. Each has their own jobs and enjoys their lives. To Sky, her and River, Falls and Shelter, Rocks and Fishing Cove, Island is all there is. Until a boat comes. Sky and River are separated, and Sky must learn the truth of her past and learn to deal with her present in a world much bigger than the only universe she’s ever known.

                First, I gave this book, a contemporary 5 stars. It is a story I have been wanting to read or watch since I first saw the first Blue Lagoon movie. And Jillian Cantor did not just give you what you wanted to hear. She told a real and honest story. She was not afraid to make you mad or make you cry. I mean I LOVED this book…until the last page which thoroughly confused the heck out of me. It had me wondering if there was supposed to be a sequel. (Not that I would mind a sequel. Would actually welcome one greatly.) It wasn’t so much a cliff hanger as it was the start of another story. More accurately it was either the start to another story or a poorly executed metaphor for hope.

NOT ragging on Cantor writing. I loved it. First, read the above quote. Very pretty, but realistic, not flowery language. Further, I loved seeing how Sky’s voice changed as she learned about our world. Even better was how Sky’s voice stayed the same despite what she learned. Just if the last page was suppose to be symbolic or some sort of metaphor… it did not come across clearly. So was it symbolic or literal? I would really like to ask the author… I have chosen to simply ignore the existence of the last page because unless it is literal and there will be a sequel, it really does not affect the story, so… 5 stars! =)

The best part of the book was Sky’s relateblity or realness. You can feel Sky’s frustration, and as Sky was yelling at the people around her, whether in her head or out loud, I was yelling right alongside her. I was so frustrated with everyone! I began to agree with her that everyone here in society was cold and a skeleton. You really saw the world through her eyes. What would you think of stairs if you had never seen any? What would you call a car if no one told you its name?

Warning: You will cry. Cantor is not scared to rip your heart out or make you scream at people’s stupidity. And she does it well because you will fall helplessly in love with every one of her characters even when they are being idiots.

This book has not yet been released. I received an ebook ARC from netgalley. Searching for Sky will be released May 13, 2014. I will post a video review closer to release.

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